Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Google's Desktop Revolution!

Google has done it again! We all have know come to equate searching with googling, people nowadays only say that they are googling, now you can search that tons of word,excel,email documents with the powerful google search engine (with amazingly fast speeds) with the google desktop!
And it presents the results in the amazingly simple and intuitive interface!
check out

Innovation at the extreme!

Thursday, October 14, 2004

An unplanned poem for a hopefully unplanned trip to some unplanned spot!!

Oh how I wish it’s not on earth!

Let it be miles above the earth!

Wish we don’t calculate the miles on excel!

Rather we forget the miles we go!

Wish we end up seeing Anacondas!

But not they seeing us!

Wish we get lost in nature for days!

Of course with lot of “Lays”!

Wish we get Sundar to a High Spot on the top of a steep hill!

So we can go topple him over the hill.

Wish we see a BugsBunny like Venky!

And see whose tail is flunky!

Wish we meet a Crocodile in the river

And let it invite Aldo for dinner!

Wish we meet the demons of the forest!

Which will love shobana roasted ;-)!

Wish I could stop dreaming!

But I really really don’t wanna stop it…..

Sunday, October 03, 2004

The blossoming bud - am going to be a chithapa soon..

There is good news! I am going to be a chithapa soon, yeah, my anni is pregnant and soon there is going to be a little fella to join us!
Such a sweet news!

Congratulations Prem anna and Anni!