Saturday, March 26, 2005

From Career to Climate!

Well, I met my bro after quite a long time! He is still is usual self, witty and charming. We started chatting around 8 dawn and it was a quite a lot of interesting topics that came up. The first one was career. The topic boiled into IT fields future. The question was what would you do for the next 20yrs of your life. My meek answer was to build information systems. His point was simple, thats what hundreds of software engineers are doing! What have u got to distinguish yourself from the crowd! well I too have thought about it a lot! I told him, I have some technical skills and now I am learning software design. I am not doing grunt work. I want to create something and I am learning howto. I dont want to be a guy who jumps into management as soon as the oppurtunity strikes. I want to more and more know about the field I am in. To soak in literally.
I am ready to learn patiently all about software development. I believe software development is reaching a level of abstraction where its more closer to solving real world problems instead of dealing at machine level. With the right application skills computers can be made to do what its supposed to do. Solve Real World problems.!!
Bro also shared lot of experiences in his field, how the space he is into is devoid of any intelligent competition.(He grins!) He is the one of the very fewtrying to apply strategy to customer service an oft overlooked field but in fact has a huge potential.
Then the topic switched to something controversial! My much awaited discussion about the Climate! This is a topic where me and my brother have heated arguments! His point there is nothing happening to climate as projected by the so called ECO organisations who are in it for money and sciene hasnt reached a stage where we can come to a conclusion. We need to dig in deeper into climate prediction as a science, instead of media speculation. Its true the media severely impacts our perspective about climate change. Its time to step back and look at the wider perspective, instead of taking panicky measures(Kyoto..).
Well if we are to dig deeper its high time we do it!! With my head swimming with a lots of thoughts I left around 10:30.


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