Monday, April 25, 2005

New Category- Firefox Gems added!

Today is the launch of the new category firefox gems! Firefox is one of the best browsers I have ever used and I love exploring it. This subweb gives you interesting tips in using firefox.
Check out Firefox Gems.

Friday, April 22, 2005

The drums roll! The birds sing! Sweet Breeze around and here we announce- Mr. & Mrs.B

Today is absolutely marvellous day, I heard the happiest news of all in my life.

>>>>>> Sundar and Shobana are getting Married! <<<<<<

Trala lala laa!
I heard this sweeeeeeeeet news today morning only and felt my heart jump on hearing this. Been waiting to hear this for
a long long time.
Shobana & Sundar announced it by taking me to a grand breakfast buffet at Ramanashree Brunton!
After we had our fill!
Shobana started displaying rays of emotions(shy!!) on her face! A marvelous u-gotta-see-that sight !!
And her words were "I have decided to fight with Sundar for the rest of my life"!
I was overcome with joy.. rather pounced on both of them with joy...
very happy.
dont know what to say
They wud make one of the most lovely couple ever !!!
Well Sundar is already into planning things, well this certainly involves some mega planning and he is all happy
about it!
So nicccccccccccccccccce!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

wHat eLse cAn yOu eXpect oUt oF sUndar bUt a cEntum?

Well the news is in!
Sundar has scored a pefect century in the one day innings of Sun Certified Java Professional (SCJP)!
well he had it coming, the way he was preparing!
Absolutely awesome !!!
Way to go Sundar!
We can coin a synonymn for perfection as Sundar! In fact me and Shobana these days call alien words(atleast to us) like "planning" and "organising" as Sundarish.!

Ok Sundar ...
Way to Go! Absolutely marvelous!
Once again

A hearty Congraaaaaaaaaats!

Looking forward to the big treat u promised me and very much for the big big surprise that you and Shobana have in store for me.

Monday, April 18, 2005

The Origins of FooBar in Coding!

There came a day when Aldrin was pretty much sure we programmers were F***** up badly, when he saw Sundar practicing Java coding with classes like Foo and methods like makeBar().
As we all programmers now foo and bar are jargons used in coding literature for quite unknown time. Even technical specs like RFC's use them. Approximately 212 RFCs so far, starting with RFC 269, contain the
terms `foo', `bar', or `foobar' as metasyntactic variables.. Their explanation for that!
He was pretty much sure FooBar was German for F***** up!
Now we programmers aren't going to take that insult hands down!
So I started searching through online dictionaries and the WIKIPEDIA! for the roots of this word. It seems FooBar has a tangled history!
The word was originally used seperately as "Foo" and "Bar" in comics dating back to 1930. They were used in context to mean "nonsense". Like "Foomobile".
It is also used in electronics jargon as something called as the inverted foo signal, which is represented by putting a horizontal bar over the signal label.
The german word which people link it to is actually "furchtbar" which in German means horrible,terrible or awful.
So where do this link to F***** up come, well in World WarII the allied troops heard the german "furchtbar" and coined the funny acronym FUBAR meaning [F***** Up Beyond All Repair(or)Recognition].
So this hacker slang of foobar, where does it originate from "Foo and Bar" of the comics of old days meaning "nonsense" or did it mean "furchtbar" or "awful".
The general opinion on this it started by meaning the electronic version, but got popular among some hackers by their references to the meaning of "FOOBAR"!
Reference: Jargon File
Well that was an interesting dig into the origins of foobar! The verdict is what kinda perspective u look at it?
R u a good hacker or a bad one?

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Emoticons in your Name - MSN Messenger

MSN has some cool emoticons, and guess what u can make these part of ur name! Just like Snap with Cool Specs!
To get these u need to go to tools->options and put a emoticon in your display name. For example I have put a "H" which is a cool smiley with specs!
Configuring MSN
U too can have cool emoticon names using this tip! This tip works on MSN 7.0.