Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Google Earth - The Killer Application

Google has just released the killer application of the century. yes Google Earth a 3d interdace to earth, search the world now, thats what they say.
With features like zooming ontp 5000 ft above any terrain on earth, google earth provides lots of additional information about the place like restaurants,movie theatre locations along with transport information.
Information is superimposed on the map via a layer concept, for example u can pick a city and see all gas stations in the location by enabling the gas station layer.
Cool features, the James Bond gadget now in your hands.
Also u can see a kind of revenue model built into it.
People can buy information layers and use that with the software.
From research oriented layers like "local habitats" to entertainment layes "discos" information now becomes the revenue earner.
Lets heartily welcome Google-Earth to the information era.